About us

Short History

The history of the Krasco company began in 1992, founded by engineer Krasimir Petkov and his desire to change the way of working in the field of the production of Instrumental Equipment in Bulgaria. This is how KRASCO-Co was born - the first company in Bulgaria offering Standardized Components for Injection Molds, Dies and Punches.

In nowadays, to manufacture components by yourself such as ejectors, columns, bushings, etc. sounds strange, and in almost all cases unprofitable. Back then, it was normal practice and required a lot of effort to demonstrate and implement the idea of using standard and semi-standard components and systems to increase productivity and profit in production.

Thus, year after year, the company develops and grows, gradually expanding the number of suppliers and the portfolio of offered products, adding Tool steels, Special Engineering Solutions, Hot runner systems, Heaters and thermocouples, Polishing, Metal cleaning products, Screws and GKLS, etc.

The company participates in a number of trade exhibitions, opened local component warehouses in Sofia and Plovdiv cities and currently works and partners with all successful tool companies in Bulgaria.

What are we proud of?

The greatest satisfaction we feel for all 27 years is that we have helped our colleagues and partners to be more productive and successful in their work and business. Apart from continuous work, some of the things that contributed to this are:

The secret of success

Behind all these successes is the tireless work of the great Krasco team. These are the people with whom you write, hear and see every day, and the people who daily do everything possible to make your day easier, more successful and more smiling.

We also thank you, all colleagues and partners, for being together all these years and for having the pleasure of working and growing together!

The best is yet to come

Every day we face new challenges and yet, with the team spirit we have built, with the experience and knowledge we have accumulated, with our desire to give you more than we are capable of, and with a lot of hard and smart work, we believe that together with you we will achieve even higher results.

Our Team

Eng. Ognian Petkov CEO & CBDO
Eng. Adelina Jordanova Commercial & Financial Manager
Vania Ivanova Sales & Logistics Associate
Angel Stoinev Technical associate, Production department
Rosen Petrov Sales Representative South Bulgaria
Eng. Lozan Lyubomirov Sales Representative South-West & North Bulgaria
Eng, Nikolina Petkova Technical Associate & Mould Designer
Yordanka Petkova Sales Associate
Lyubomir Lubenov Super Lubo
Ivaylo Lozanov Office Associate