DME – Plates and components for injection molds, molds and die stamping

part of the MILACRON group

DME - Packages and components for injection molds, molds and dies

In 1942 Mr. I. T. "Ted” Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering with the goal of providing standard package sizes for injection molds ready for direct fabrication of the molding surfaces. This marks the beginning of the traditions of mould bases innovation and standardization in the world. For seven decades, DME has been a technology leader in the manufacturing of injection molding packages, components and systems. In 2001 DME acquires the German manufacturer of standard components EOC Normalien, thus KRASKO becomes the representative of DME for Bulgaria.

THERMOPLAY – Hot runner systems and nozzles

part of the BARNES GROUP

In 1963 Mr. Piero Enrietti started his company as a manufacturer of precision machine parts. Over the years, the company has become a leader in the design and production of injection molds for plastic products. With his knowledge of tool processing and work with various polymers, in 1973. Thermoplay has officially launched the production of hot runner systems. At the moment, more than 180 employees work in the factory on an area of 11,000 square meters. sq.m., where nozzles and systems are produced for companies on 5 continents. In 2015 the American technology company Barnes Group acquires Thermoplay, the latter retaining its individual management and collaborating to improve products and services with the other global brands in the group – Synventive. Manner, Foboha, Gammaflux, etc.

CUMSA – specialized standard engineering solutions in the production of plastic products

Founded by Mr. Alberto Navarra in 1979. A small group of instrumentalists decided to combine their knowledge and create a company. In 1992 based on the accumulated experience, the Cumsa team develops innovative standardized products for injection molds. From then until today, many of their products have become the standard in the field of injection molding for plastic products.

VEGA – hydraulic cylinders for injection molds and die casting

Over 30 years of experience in the production of specialized hydraulic cylinders for injection molds and press molds. The company's portfolio includes cylinders with studs, compact, locking, with rails and more.

THYSSEN KRUPP MATERIALS AUSTRIA - Tool steels, aluminum and non-ferrous metals


It started its activity in 1933. specializing in the storage and processing of tool steels, tool aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

CP-Graphitprodukte – Graphite for erosion and furnaces

With over 35 years of experience, in 2004 CP Graphiteprodukte started its business offering graphite for EDM erosion and furnaces in Europe. The production time of one batch of graphite takes approximately 5 months, and the technology for the production of high-tech graphite is followed by only a few manufacturers in the world. Thanks to many years of experience, the team of specialists can offer the most optimal solution, depending on the needs of the specific process and the equipment available to the tooling company.

AMPCO METAL – Tool non-ferrous metals, copper and beryllium bronze

In 1914 a small group of entrepreneurs met to discuss an exciting discovery "a new model of bronze hard enough to cut steel". On June 6, 1914, inventor Mr. August Littman joined other entrepreneurs to form the American Metal Products Company. The product was called AMPCO bronze, coming from the company's acronym. To this day, Ampco is a symbol of innovation and quality in the production of tooled non-ferrous metals.

ULTRA SYSTEM – Purging compounds for screws and hot runner systems

Ultra System is a Swiss company founded in 2004. and fully focused in the development and production of cleaning solutions for plastics processing. Over the years, Ultra System has developed over 30 products used in Color Changing, Material Changing, Black Specs, Streaks and more.

ROTFIL – Industrial heaters

Founded in 1977, Rotfil is currently the largest manufacturer of cartridge heaters in Italy and one of the largest in the EU. Apart from them, the company produces a wide range of industrial electric heaters and temperature sensors. Heater models include - spiral for nozzles, banded nozzles, banded augers, flexible, tubular, infrared and more.

SHINI – Peripheral devices in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.

Shini is one of the world's largest manufacturers of peripheral devices in the production of plastic products. Since the company was founded in 1969, along with the development of the enterprise, Shini has continued to expand its scale. Besides the first factory in Taiwan, Shini also has 5 other manufacturing facilities in Asia – including Shini Pinghu, covering an area of 100 acres, the largest production base for plastics peripherals worldwide; a technology center, technical and logistics center in the USA and distributors worldwide. With the various series of peripheral equipment, Shini offers its customers complete system solutions - dryers, dehumidifyers, feeding and conveying devices, proportional valves, dosers, mixers, separators for metal inclusions and dust, heating devices for water and oil, chillers, flow regulators, sprue pickers, robots, conveyors, etc. With the huge stock availability in Shini Europe - Poland, we ensure fast deliveries of equipment and spare parts.

AIRTECT – Plastic Leakage Alarm Systems

For the past 15 years, AIRTECT has been manufacturing unique Plastic Leakage Alarm Systems to help prevent damage caused by leaking molten plastic material at the syringe nozzle and Hot Runner Foundry Systems. Small volumes of low-pressure air are fed through stainless steel and silicone rubber sensing tubes, and when airflow is restricted or stopped, electronic flow sensors combined with built-in microcontrollers detect this. The systems are auto-tuning and can serve all sizes of injection machines, hot runner systems and injection moulds. Various programmable operating settings allow systems to be tuned for optimal customer performance. The systems are used worldwide by many well-known companies such as IAC, VALEO, MAGNA, BD, HELLA, POLYPIPE and many others. AIRTECT products are represented worldwide by a network of distributors and exclusively by KRASCO-Co Ltd in Bulgaria.